"Young Accountants" joined the initiative of the Council and launched "Online Accounting Service" project

2020-04-01 16:59:08
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Our company has launched the "Online Accounting Service" project. The project has created an online platform for companies and individuals and provides them with free accounting services. Companies and individuals who have problems with accounting and need tax and accounting services benefit from the free service through the hotline and whatsapp group. At the same time, questions posted on the organization's official Facebook and Instagram pages are being answered. During the day, we provide free accounting services to people who call us by answering questions, as well as conduct awareness-raising activities.

Earlier, our organization launched the "Stay at home, enlighten" project, which encourages people to stay at home and help them stay home and be educated. The project will last until the end of the quarantine period in the country.

Given the global and serious nature of the problem, we call on all partners to mobilize all resources in the fight against the coronavirus, which poses a serious threat to our country, to support the Council's timely patriotic step and to fulfill our duty to protect the security and health of our people.