On April 2, 2020, the "Let's Protect Our Society by Sharing" campaign was jointly organized by the Guven Friendship and Charity Society and the Young Accountants Public Union

2020-04-02 19:37:26
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Chairman of Guven Friendship and Charity Society Nigar Bayramli, employees of the Young Accountants Public Union, providing food aid to 100 families living in difficult conditions in Lokbatan settlement, Dr. Pediatrician of Garadagh District Lokbatan Settlement Children's Hospital No. 4 Dr. together with Arzu Ismayilova, they held awareness-raising meetings on hygienic rules. The families were provided with necessary medical supplies such as alcohol, masks and gloves as part of the campaign. Protesters with the slogan "You stay at home, we will bring" today were able to bring a little joy to the representatives of many generations in these difficult days. The delegates also said that such assistance and awareness-raising activities would continue.
We would like to thank Ms. Nigar, Chairperson of the Trust Charity and Friendship Society, who has made thousands of families smile for thousands of years of charity work, and for her support by joining the solidarity campaign with us.